The best place to look for Pharmacy, biotech and IT services.

If you are looking for Pharmacy, biotech and IT services and job opportunities the best and the most recognized institute is The VERITAS. It’s a job solution provider that provides best temporary, temporary to hire for full time and part time for the fields of technology, business science and clinical areas.


VERITAS is a healthcare solution based consulting firm. It is recognized in all United States for providing staffs for various types of jobs. With a goal of earning recognition in so called fields in the industry and provide customers an unmatched service and results.

  • Services in details

The VERITAS provides countless job opportunities in clinical data management, clinical research associate, drag safety associate and pharmacovigilance jobs. It act as a healthcare consultancy firm as well at New York City. For those who are qualified and willing to work in USA the VERITAS healthcare provide the H1B sponsorship which will be needed for people to come USA for jobs. Visas will be provided by the firm so that qualified customers can work with good salary. The VERITAS will recruit you for immediate replacements if your basic skill match their job requirements. This firm will also give you a free training and placement in the field.

If you apply for a job via VERITAS you will be rewarded with many benefits including health benefits, relocation benefits H1B sponsorship and long term contracts if you are perfectly qualified for the job.

  • Vacancies available

At the moment VERITAS have job opportunities for various fields in the market. Professional in health care is needed for multiple drug safety associate positions. Experience in data entry in drug safety databases, and a 1 year experience is most expected from a candidate.

Clinical research associates clinical data managements position vacancies are available in the firm. Clinical SAS programmers also have a job vacancy.

Those who are doing masters or foreign degree equivalent to healthcare or fields of pharceutical or life science can also jobs in the VERITAS. Clinical research associate, drug safety associates senior clinical associates are some vacancies for them.  More information can be obtained in the VERITAS home page.

  • Apply the right job

If you are qualified and eligible to the requirements mentioned in each job title the customer can send a resume to the firm and they will inform you the details. The best opportunities are available for you at the firm that will change your life.


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