Looking for new experience staff for your company

  • Look at the right place

If you are looking for a new recruiters or experienced professionals for your company to make a brighter future; where should you start your hunt. VERITAS healthcare solution is a consulting firm that help you to find you a job and find you employers in the fields of pharma, biotech and IT services. It is one of the best and top consultancy firm in NYC.

  • Answers for your job vacancies

If you are unable to find a suitable employee for your healthcare related company, VERITAS will provide you the most suitable one for you. If you are employer and unable to find the right recruiter just let the firm know your need and they will provide you the best solution.

  • Job offers in the firm

VERITAS healthcare solutions LLC provides suitable qualified staff to customers in United States. With the goal of earn recognition in the consultant field and provide unmatched customer service the VERITAS provides their finest and best recruitments to the job market. VERITAS is currently offering job opportunities for clinical data management positions clinical research associate positions and drug safety associates. Other than that multiple position s in regulatory affairs associates, clinical research associates and clinical SAS programmers.

  • Benefits you get

If you are going to be an employee of the VERITAS you will get different benefits for different job positions. If you want to work with VERITAS and you are in out of USA, firm will provide you a H1B visa sponsor so that you can come to USA and work. And once you apply you will be assigned to the latest healthcare jobs that will suit you with your qualifications. Other than that firm will offer you with health and relocation benefits, H1B sponsor and long term contracts. And the other thing is that that the firm is E verified.

  • Other services

This firm provides payroll services to once who are needed. And VERITAS recruits clinical staffs for clinical trials and research projects. Pharamacovigilance is the other service provided by the firm.

  • Why chose VERITAS

With the vast benefits offered the firm has maintained as one of the top recruitment company in NYC since 2011. It has spread its fields in healthcare consultancy in great and provide the best suitable jobs for those who apply. With this firm you will be able to grab the latest healthcare jobs in the market for yourself.


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