Healthcare jobs in NYC

People’s healthcare has become the most needed service and required job vacancies in the New York City. The VERITAS is a healthcare consultancy firm which begun on the year of 2011 with the goal of providing customers with their unparalleled services and responsiveness. With the time the firm has become the top recruitment company in NYC.

  • Field of expertise

The VERITAS healthcare solution has been one of the top healthcare firms in the NYC. It is specialized in healthcare, pharma, biotech and IT services.

  • Job offerings from the firm

This firm offers different types of jobs and services to the customers. It offers immediate healthcare jobs, like clinical data management positions, drug safety associate job and clinical research associate. It act as a healthcare consultancy firm but it provides solutions for IT and payroll services.

  • Benefits

Working with this firm will give you the chance to get the H1B visa or H1B sponsor if you are not in USA, only few of the firms have this available. Since the VERITAS has offered consultant solutions since 2011 they have maintained reputation in the market and wins the heart of their customers. And the employees will get free training and placement in the job and they will have benefits like healthcare, relocation benefits and. Their jobs and contracts will be safer and secure since the VERITAS has named as an E verified company. Normally the jobs vacancies are filled as long term contracts and therefore no one need to fear for their job. Since it has gained its name as the top recruitment company in NYC you will never miss a latest healthcare jobs that it offers.

If you’re looking for qualified recruitments or professionals in the field the VERTITAS will provide you the immediate placements. The employees in the firm are well trained in the fields of healthcare, IT and biotech.

  • What if you need recruitments or a job?

If you are willing to get employees from this firm you just need to contact with the firm and inform the requirement. If you are looking for new job you just need to send your resume along with every qualification you got for the job category. Once you contacted the firm will guarantee that they will find you the latest healthcare jobs in NYC.


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